Customized Training Policy

Eligibility Policy

Grievance Policy and Procedures

Individual Training Account Policy

Low Income Policy

Monitoring Policy

Needs Based Policy

On-the-Job Training Policy

Participant Registration Policy

Credit Card Usage Policy

Procurement for One-Stop Operator Policy

Youth Incentive/Stipends Policy

Performance Evaluation Policy

Performance - Subsequent Eligibility Policy

Personal Appearance Policy

Priority of Service Policy

Procurement and Selection of Request for Proposals Policy

Procurement Policy

Record Retention Policy

Required Federal Funding Language Policy

Supportive Service Policy

Emergency Meeting Policy

Individual Employment Plan Update Policy

Transitional Jobs Policy

Travel Policy

Vehicle Usage Policy

WDB Member Nomination and Board Certification Policy

WIOA Incumbent Worker Training Policy

WIOA Youth Additional Assistance Policy

Youth Services Policy

Youth Work Experience Policy

WDB By-Laws

File, Security, Maintenance, Storage, and Custody Policy

Self Attestation Policy

Region VII WDB Strategic Plan Part 1

Region VII WDB Strategic Plan Part 2

Attachments A - H

Attachments I - R

Attachment S Part 1

Attachment S Part 2

Attachment S Part 3

Attachment T Part 1

Attachment T Part 2

Attachment T Part 3 - U

Attachment V Part 1

Attachment V Part 2

Attachment V Part 3 - AA

Attachment BB - DD Part 1

Attachment DD Part 2

Attachment EE - GG

Attachments HH - KK

DRAFT Region VII Strategic Plan Part 1

DRAFT Region VII Strategic Plan Part 2

DRAFT Attachments A-H

DRAFT Attachments I-R

DRAFT Attachment S Part 1

DRAFT Attachment S Part 2

DRAFT Attachment S Part 3

DRAFT Attachment T Part 1

DRAFT Attachment T Part 2

DRAFT Attachments T Part 3-U

DRAFT Attachment V Part 1

DRAFT Attachment V Part 2

DRAFT Attachments V Part 3-AA

DRAFT Attachments BB-DD Part 1

DRAFT Attachment DD Part 2

DRAFT Attachments EE-GG

DRAFT Attachments HH-LL