Customized Training Policy


Grievance and Complaint Policy and Procedures


Individual Training Account (ITA) Policy
Low-Income Policy
Monitoring Policy
Needs Based Policy
On the Job Training (OJT) Policy
EO Discrimination Complaint Policy & Procedures
Eligibility Policy

Participant Registration Policy


Performance Evaluation Policy
Performance - Subsequent Eligibility Policy
Priority of Service Policy
Procurement Policy
Record Retention Policy
Supportive Service Policy

Transitional Jobs Policy

Procurement and Selection of Request-for-Proposals Policy
Travel Policy
Vehicle Usage Policy
Youth Services Policy
WIOA Incumbent Worker Policy
WIOA Youth Additional Assistance Policy

WIOA Youth Work Experience Policy

WDB By-Laws
WDB Member Nomination and Board Certification Policy
Required Federal Funding Language Policy

Region VII WDB Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020 Part 1



Region VII WDB Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020 Part 2
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