Overall Mission

Provide a framework in which the workforce of West Virginia can attain necessary skills required for the 21st century. This effort should serve both individual and business/industry needs within Region VII.

Primary Objective

Utilizing a system of One Stop Centers, integrate all elements of the public sector that contribute to the mission. This action will be delivered through a coordinated system of Case Management, Management Information Systems, and a Business Service team. Deliverables will be directly linked to skills training in demand occupations. These actions include mentoring, work readiness, and job development/placement.

This integrated system will be developed by the public and private sector. The individual job seeker will serve as the supply side for employers. Employment opportunities are created from the current demands of business and industry. Technology and innovation will serve as the catalyst that drives employers’ needs for a skilled workforce. The system will produce the demographics of skill needs, skill sets and skills training essential to employment needs. The aforementioned information will be made available to job seekers, businesses, training providers and partner agencies.

  • Individuals entering the One Stop with a goal of procuring employment, orAbout Page
    improving their work skills;
  • Establishing an assessment of current capabilities as well as potential
    skill sets;
  • Provide case workers who will, by using services available throughout the
    integrated system, direct appropriate individuals to demand industries and
  • Referral to the appropriate agency or organization;
  • Success by credentialing, followed by job placement with a
    self-sufficient wage and benefits.

By utilizing the most appropriate career path, time and resources will be saved for the individual job seeker and the system. Skilled workers will be supplied for emerging demand occupations in business and industry. Employers will reduce initial training costs since initial hires will reach full performance at a faster rate. Incumbent workers will also keep up with technological advances, allowing them to keep their present job or advance in the workplace, thus cutting turnover costs, and as current workers advance, more entry level positions will become available. In addition, information will be available to link students with internships, co-op programs, and similar employment situations. This effort will assist in retraining our next generation(s).